The Uncomfortable Leap

Well, here goes nothing. Except it’s everything. I have always thought about and considered being a blogger. It’s something that honestly I’ve dreamed of. The dream to relate to people about the stuff that no body wants to talk about or admit to. The dream to have someone message me and say, “yeah, I have that same issue..” The dream to share my experiences and struggles of every day life with people and some one to reach out to me and say, “Wow I struggle with that too. Thanks for sharing so I know I’m not the only one.” 

Sometimes to get comfortable in your own skin, you have to get uncomfortable. 

But, with the dream comes the uncomfortableness. No, that’s not a word. I see the red underline, but I’m ignoring it because that is just what this is – uncomfortableness. I’m calling this The Uncomfortable Leap because making a blog isn’t exactly a comfortable thing for me. I want to share things that are relate able, so that isn’t always easy stuff. For example, my struggle with acne. It’s not normally something I would like to have out in the open, but if someone can relate and I can help them with their struggle by sharing things I’ve tried that have worked, haven’t worked, etc. then this umcomfortableness is worth it.

As I’ve shared with my friends for years that I wanted to start a blog, but never done it – this time when I recently shared the same line to one of my friends she said, “why haven’t you yet?” I told her my fears, one of the biggest being that people wouldn’t care or read it. She replied with, “But you’re going to do it because it’s something you enjoy. Doesn’t have to be to impress or get the most readers. If you are enjoying doing it, then do it.” I thought a lot about her words and well, here I am. She was right.

This might not be a typical specific “niche” blog. My goal is to make it whatever I’m enjoying, or struggling, or loving, or buying, or pretty much anything. The Divine Fringe – the most random blog you’ve ever read. So, welcome. Welcome to my thoughts written down on a blog called The Divine Fringe.

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