Shedding Dog Probs

Leo at six months old
Leo Fall 2018 look at that shaggy fur

I will preface this with Leo is the most amazing dog. He has a huge loving, caring, and playful personality. We are truly blessed with such a sweet dog. Honestly, sometimes I don’t feel like I’m good enough for him. Anyways, he sheds. He sheds BAD. Not just like little hairs here and then, no it’s tumble weeds of hair blowing across my kitchen floor. So, as I have not figured out the best method of how to deal with his crazy shedding problem – here are a couple things I have tried that have seemed to keep my house and dog in order.

1.Vacuum again and again and then again

For our wedding my grandma took us to get a nice vacuum because she knew with a long haired, double coated dog like Leo, we were going to need it. We decided on a Bissell because it’s a nice brand, but not worth a grand. I’ve been using it now for three months and think it is amazing. I’ve never had a pet directed vacuum, so I think that’s probably why I’m so amazed at this one. All the other vacuums I’ve tried clog with hair in 2 minutes. This one has never clogged only when my husband brought in rocks on his shoes and I tried to vacuum one up.

It has a detachable “wand” with a couple different attachments. I use one to do the carpeted stairs. The other attachment is for tiny cracks that you can’t reach like maybe between the couch cushions or something. I don’t know, don’t really use it, but definitely use the bigger attachment on the wand for the stairs.

I usually vacuum about everyday if I have time. I never go more than three days without running this vacuum somewhere.

2. Grooming/Brushing

Whatever you want to call it – I brush Leo almost everyday. Just with one of those basic dog combs. I try to get him all over and brush about 15-20 minutes. I don’t get it done everyday, but with it starting to get hot outside he is shedding even worse, so I try and make it a priority. Otherwise there will be hair ball tumbleweeds.


3. Coconut Oil

Due to the high amount I brush Leo’s fur – he gets dry skin. He itches and has little flakes coming off him and in his hair. To help with that I use coconut oil. Just a small little tablespoo in his food. They say it naturally hydrates their skin, makes their coat shiny, helps with digestion, and many more great things. I think it helps with the shedding a little too – who knows. Leo has a sensitive stomach, so I started slow and built up to the tablespoon since he’s a bigger dog.

Just another photo of Leo to show you he is adorable even though he sheds a pound of hair a day

4. Baths

Leo usually gets a bath every three weeks to a month. He has that dry skin issue, so I try not to over do it. Now before everyone starts giving their hairy dogs a bath, get one of those things for your tub that collects the hair before it goes down the drain. Thank me later. We use a oatmeal soothing shampoo to make sure the dry skin is still being properly cared for. We never do a bath purposely it’s usually to clean off the mud he got on him from his adventures outside. But, that usually means about three weeks to a month. Sometimes more if he’s too wild on his adventures.


5. Swiffer

If I don’t have time to drag out the vacuum and do that whole deal I’ll swiffer with a dry wipe on it. It gets most of the hair, but gets dirty real quick. OR if I have time to vacuum, but still want a real good clean – I’ll wet swiffer around on the floors. I’m not a giant fan of a swiffer for a fantastic spotless clean, but it gets the job done for now.

6. Regular Professional Grooming

We aren’t the best at this one. Since Leo is a giant dog and he is a double coated dog, he’s a lot of money to get a good grooming. We have done it though and it makes the world of a difference. They cut down all the fly away hairs and shave down what areas they know they can because they are the professionals. We are too afraid to shave anywhere since he’s a double coat.

Honestly, that’s all we do are those couple of things. Yes, there is still dog here everywhere and all the time even though we try our best. I’m currently wearing a shirt that says, “dog hair, don’t care” because it’s still going to happen. I still have to carry a lent roller in my purse because there will always be hair on us wherever we go. We still love Leo the same and will never be tired of him even with all that crazy shedding hair.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for treating the crazy amounts of dog hair you get – please share! Just click the contact me or follow me on any social media.

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