Top 5 Podcasts for Women

Initially I just had this name top 5 podcasts, but I have a strong feeling a majority of people that will like these podcasts would be women.

1.Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

This is the podcast that turned me on to podcasts, so it has to be my number one. Along with the fact that I love every single episode of this podcast. I started loving the person Kaitlyn was when she was on the bachelor of course, but since then she has grown into so much more. Yes, some of the people that she has on the podcast are from the Bachelor world, but they are a lot more too. She also has guests that are women empowering, money managing, other reality TV stars, and more. Kaitlyn always brings out the best in people in their interviews which make them all great. Her Off the Vine podcasts come out on Tuesdays, Grape Therapy on Thursday’s, and Drunk Dial on Friday’s. Grape Therapy and Drunk Dial are a smaller episodes about thirty to forty minutes and the Off the Vine is about an hour or a little over. It’s never a waste of time and at the least can get you laughing.

2.Get Real with Caroline Hobby

If you love country music stars, then you will love this podcast. Caroline Hobby interviews the wives or sometimes just family members of famous country music stars. Not to be cliche, but she just kind of gets real with them. She asks them about the behind the scenes stuff of all the country music stars. Not the stuff we all hear and see about, but the real and the raw. I am all about the stuff which is why I love Caroline Hobby. She is a country music wife herself to Michael Hobby member of A Thousand Horses, so she opens up about her life a little bit too.

3. Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study

This women has a huge gift for sharing the word of God. She does it in such a unique and capturing way that I love this podcast. It’s different than other podcasts because she’s actually teaching at a college and it’s just recorded. So, when she is talking she is addressing her college Bible study class and refers to the book they are using to study out of. I don’t have any of her books, but am strongly considering getting them. Pretty sure they are all on Amazon. Each semester in this eleven week college bible study she covers one book of the Bible. Also, she shares tools of how to understand the Bible which is always super helpful.

4. Whine Down with Jana Kramer

Now, I haven’t listened to this one as much as I have my top three. Jana started out podcasting by herself and added her husband in because he was such a good edition to her content. These two by themselves are good to listen to by themselves, but they have guests on to spice up their conversation and content. They talk about all things marriage, parenting, career, and life. There was some drama circling their podcast due to arguments and disagreements between them happening, but Jana has come out and apologized for it. She has been very real and raw about everything with their marriage, which I love and respect.

5. The Lady Gang

My last resort don’t hate it, but don’t love it podcast – The Lady Gang. These three ladies that are apart of the Lady Gang are very entertaining. Once again, if you haven’t caught on to my theme for love of podcasts, they are real and raw. They discuss all the things with no filter and are quite hilarious when they do it. They are very strong willed and dramatic, so if that’s not your thing you won’t like it. If I have caught up on all my other podcasts, then I will listen to one of theirs that interests me and I am never disappointed. I know they have a lot more than just the podcast going for them, so if you end up loving them find out about all the other jazz they are creating.

Well, there’s my top five podcasts for women. Definitely not for men. All my favorite podcasts are definitely geared towards a women audience. I didn’t intend for that but, hey cheers to my ladies.

Just a side note to include, whoever you and wherever you live – pray for a farmer today.

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