My Amazon Want List

I don’t know when I figured out Amazon had more than just the basic necessities, but ever since that moment my life hasn’t been the same. Amazon has literally almost everything you could need, including a new wardrobe. My want list goes on and on forever, but this is my current list.


The snake skin print and the platform sandal are so in trend right now. Why not have them both in one shoe?


The body suit of all body suits. It’s basic, but gets the added touch of the buttons to make it easy to wear alone or layer.


This marble print swimsuit is eight dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. The bottoms are high waist with a bandeau top. I read the reviews and they are mixed, but for eight dollars I would be willing to try.


This dress is the mid-length style and button down that is always in trend right now. It comes in about twenty different prints and colors.


If you’re like me and live in baggy clothing, then you’re really going to want to buy this.


All the statement ear rings for seventeen bucks. Not sure where else you’re going to find that great of a deal.


Rompers aren’t usually my thing, but this one is grabbing me. Looks soft and comfortable and the reviews agree. In fact, all the reviews are pretty great. Also, comes in different lengths and colors.


The scalloped detailing and the snake print. It comes in about thirty more colors and prints. Do I need to even say anymore?


The perfect summer dress. Here is that button down detail again.


I’m a big fan of studded anything, especially shoes. These are a dream. Multiple color options available.


This kimono is another item with a million options for prints and colors. That’s a really big pro for Amazon purchases.


A good for summer layering top. Can you tell one of my favorite things right now is the button down detailing?

A lot of these items have just come on my radar this week and I’m sure within the next few days these will slowly make it into my cart. I have a shopping problem, but Amazon has great deals. Cheers to slowly buying all of this, so my husband doesn’t notice it coming out of our bank account.

I like my money right where I can see it.. In my closet.

– Carrie bradshaw

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